Friday, June 28, 2013

Debutante Registration - "Etiquette", "Personal Development","Table Etiquette","Classical Dance"

Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillion are now accepting applications for its 8th Annual Debutante/Cotillion Ball. If you are interested please call (832) 606-2280
Ms, Verna Caddie & Devine Creations 2012-2013 Queen
Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillion Ball 2012-2013
Ms. Verna Caddie & Devine Creations Debutante Court 2012-2013


This 8 month program was created in 2006, by Founder Ms. Verna Caddie.

Our program give every young ladies the tools needed in today's society.

 A Christian based program we have train over 200 ladies across the Houston area.

 Devine Creations has been featured in local newspapers as well as T.V.

Ms. Caddie whose a certified etiquette / protocol instructor

 hold workshops in etiquette ,self esteem, charm ,manners and a host of other empowering workshops.


Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions Balls are beautiful and very elegant and are full of powerful guest speakers.

With long white gowns, fancy tiaras and elegant pearls Devine Creations Debs waltz across the dance floor on

April 6,2013 and are now ready for Houston's society.


Proceeds to Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillion Balls help several area young ladies attend prom with Free Prom Gowns from

 "Devine Prom Project"


Sessions/Workshops: Participants will be required to take part in monthly workshops and activities.

Social Development/ Etiquette:
 Participants will be taught basic dining, social & business etiquette, and will be given the opportunity to implement the skills developed. Additionally through a group format the young ladies will be able to further develop their social, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills through monthly interactive workshops.


The 8-month program will culminate with Devine Creations Debutante/ Cotillion where participants will be presented to society and accompanied by their escorts.
This will be a formal ball, complete with proper presentation, the classic waltz, and the four course dinner. 

Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillion Ball 2012-2013

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