Friday, June 28, 2013

Debutante Registration - "Etiquette", "Personal Development","Table Etiquette","Classical Dance"

Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillion are now accepting applications for its 8th Annual Debutante/Cotillion Ball. If you are interested please call (832) 606-2280
Ms, Verna Caddie & Devine Creations 2012-2013 Queen
Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillion Ball 2012-2013
Ms. Verna Caddie & Devine Creations Debutante Court 2012-2013


This 8 month program was created in 2006, by Founder Ms. Verna Caddie.

Our program give every young ladies the tools needed in today's society.

 A Christian based program we have train over 200 ladies across the Houston area.

 Devine Creations has been featured in local newspapers as well as T.V.

Ms. Caddie whose a certified etiquette / protocol instructor

 hold workshops in etiquette ,self esteem, charm ,manners and a host of other empowering workshops.


Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions Balls are beautiful and very elegant and are full of powerful guest speakers.

With long white gowns, fancy tiaras and elegant pearls Devine Creations Debs waltz across the dance floor on

April 6,2013 and are now ready for Houston's society.


Proceeds to Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillion Balls help several area young ladies attend prom with Free Prom Gowns from

 "Devine Prom Project"


Sessions/Workshops: Participants will be required to take part in monthly workshops and activities.

Social Development/ Etiquette:
 Participants will be taught basic dining, social & business etiquette, and will be given the opportunity to implement the skills developed. Additionally through a group format the young ladies will be able to further develop their social, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills through monthly interactive workshops.


The 8-month program will culminate with Devine Creations Debutante/ Cotillion where participants will be presented to society and accompanied by their escorts.
This will be a formal ball, complete with proper presentation, the classic waltz, and the four course dinner. 

Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillion Ball 2012-2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Devine Creations Debutantes/Cotillions
Currently accepting applications for our
2013-2014 Debutante Court
Please visit:

What is Beautillion/Debutante Program?A Beau and a Debutante are young men and women who are in training to be presented
to society.  The Beautillion and Cotillion are the traditional "coming out," ceremonies of
those who have completed a certain amount of community service, fund raising, social
grace instruction and classroom instruction.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Devine Creations Life Coaching Sessions for Teens

        "Etiquette and Self Esteem Workshop"
    St. Regis Hotel

On January 12,2013, Devine Creations will hold a workshop for young ladies.

 Devine Creations has implemented a new program, called:
Devine Creations Life Coaching Sessions for Teen Girls
This workshop is designed to help young ladies deal with issues they are facing today.


Devine Creations Life Coaching Sessions for Teens are Helping Pre-Teen & Teenage Girls Realize Their Greater Potential.
Speaker: Ms. Verna Caddie
(Everyone that attends will receive handouts, goody bags,certificate and photo shoot)
** Light Lunch**
Call: (832) 606-2280 to enroll
Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions
Christian Based Organization, Since 2007

Ms. Caddie (Speaker)
Devine Creations - Debutante/Cotillions

Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions
Life Coaching For Teens

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Texas Debutantes of 2013 & their MOMS - Casting

URGENT CASTING: Texas Debutantes of 2013 & their MOMS for new Cable Docu-series! Know anyone making a debut next year in TEXAS? email me now with photos & contact info to:

Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions would like to announce the casting call for: Texas Debutantes of 2013 & their MOMS!!!

If you would like to become a Debutante join "Devine Creations Debutante Cotillions" for more information please call 832-606-2280.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Support Young Ladies That Are Doing Good Things In Life

If you know of a young lady or young men that are doing something good in the world please email us at: We would like to showcase them.

Our 1st showchase is a young lady by the name is Maya White: Please visit her website:  this young woman of God is awesome. Purchase her book and let her know that we support her and that we love her for what she is doing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Devine Creations Debutante Cotillions 2012 Ball "God's Leading Young Ladies"

On March 3,2012, Young ladies were presented to society. Wearing white long beautiful gowns,tiaras,and long white gloves, these young ladies were presented with their parents along their side. They were escorted by handsome young men, wearing black tux. After attending 8 months of workshops.The young ladies and parents were dedicated to the program and were very beautiful the night of the ball. Being presented to Houston's society as"God's Leading Young Ladies". Devine Creations crowned: Debutante Milracle Ferguson as our 2011-2012 Queen, Debutante Jasmin Ferguson as Miss. Congeeniality, Debutante Jasmine Cox as Best Dance and Debutante Maya as Miss Photogenic.
Our guest speaker: Dr. Jonita Reynolds was awesome, as well as our 2010-2011 Queen Debutante Erica Wilson who crowned this years Queen. Emcee was Mrs. Jessica Thomas L.V.N did a wonderful job as she held this years event down. What another awesome year. We would like to thank all of this years volunteers for helping Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions another successful event.

Devine Creations held itts 6th Annual Debutante/Cotillion Ball, benefiting Devine Creations "Devine Creations - Devine Prom Project, which helps young high school ladies attend prom

With prices being so high, clean out your closets, WHY? you can also make a difference in the lives of many young high school seniors that are homeless and are in need of prom gowns.  Devine Creations - Devine Prom Project, is here again to help young ladies . We are in need of used gowns to help young girls attend prom. March 31st, Restoration of Praise Church, located at: 16470 Hedge...croft # 402,Houston Texas 77060 will hold a "Womans Tea Party " which will benieft "Devine Prom Project" Hosted by: Mrs. Lamira Baker. Tickets are $ 5.00 and this will be the drop of location Please call: (713) 226-9860 or Ms. Caddie (832)606-2280. 

 if you are in need of a gown, Visit: for debutante registration.